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Enter the new era with frontline AI technologies.
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Let your employees focus on the areas with the most impact.
Lead generation solutions
Let AI assist your customers with general information, quotes, and seamless form submissions. Deploy a lead generation bot on your website, social media chats, emails, or SMS.
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from 120,000
Communication solutions
Save time and money on customer support and other communication. Let AI draft answers to emails, answer customers' questions, send personalized offers and more.
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Custom automations
We utilize modern frameworks and robust enterprise-ready platforms to meet all the specific requirements of the client. Let artificial intelligence solve problems in domains such as image processing, speech recognition, document processing, anomaly detection, and more.
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as a service
Suitable for businesses with significant automation potential. Every month, you can improve existing AI solutions or deploy new ones; just pick the priority for the month. From creating personalized business emails to transcribing various data between spreadsheets, automation utilizing artificial intelligence will help identify and solve repetitive tasks, thereby reducing the operational costs of the company.
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from 100,000 Kč/month
80% of companies automate with AI. The rest still think they would be able to compete without AI. Make your bets.
We build on the most modern technologies, suitable for SMEs and enterprises.
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About Us
AxiomLab was founded as a technology partner for early-stage companies and venture capital funds located in the Czech Republic. As our clients realized the benefits of automating with AI, it became our most demanded service.

Today, AxiomLab AI collaborates with businesses to help them achieve their objectives and provides them with confidence in selecting the optimal path to navigate the AI era.

We hold certifications as specialists in implementing OpenAI Services, AI Vision, AI Speech, and AI Document Intelligence, among others. This extensive expertise enables us to address a diverse array of use cases.
Managing Partner
Managing Partner
QA Analyst
Account manager
Full-stack deleloper
FE developer
Full-stack vývojář
Automations architect
Our team members worked on the best products for top tier companies.
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Free consultation

Our experts assist in identifying the optimal ways to leverage AI within your specific business domain, enhancing your services and saving you money.


After finalizing the project scope, we will commence the development of a prototype, which you will be able to test and share with all stakeholders a few weeks after the project kick-off.


Development is carried out using agile iterative processes, allowing us to present incremental progress to you after each change.

Maintenance & improvement

After deployment, we analyze how users interact with AI and optimize performance of the solution.
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