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Let's find the optimal use of artificial intelligence in your company together.
We would like to automate processes, but we don't know where the possibilities of AI begin and end.
We've read about companies that increased their efficiency by tens of percent through the application of artificial intelligence. We don't know how to achieve the same results...
About service
Business owners, CEOs, and managers often turn to AxiomLab because they would like to have more digitized and automated processes.

Some have an idea of what the future solution should look like, others leave it up to us.
How the free audit works
1. Meeting
During an online or offline meeting, we discuss the current state and the vision of the "ideal" solution, considering the strategy and goals of your business.
2. Mapping solutions
Our team breaks down the journey to the ideal solution into individual projects. This allows us to better prioritize projects with the best cost-performance ratio.
3. Audit for solution design
For the selected project, we will request additional information. In most cases, an AxiomLab consultant thoroughly examines existing processes and proposes a solution design, in close collaboration with the client's employees.
4. Implementation offer
For the selected project, we compile several implementation options and a price offer for each option.
Benefits of AI Automation
Who is AI Automation suitable for
80% of companies automate with AI. The rest still think they would be able to compete without AI. Make your bets.
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For companies aiming to increase their profits by freeing up to 50% of their key employees' capacity.
For companies looking to minimize the costs related to the support of existing and potential customers by up to 90%.
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